Askborg Accessories Review


Askborg is a newly founded company which focuses on bringing seamless mobile charging solutions to all its customers. The company was founded by an ex employee of the well known company Anker. Anker is famously known for providing excellent products with fantastic build quality at a great consumer price, so for an employee to leave the company to start their own is an immediate suggestion that they have ideas up their sleeve.

Today we are having a look at a few products, starting of the “ChargeTube” nylon cable. My first impressions screamed quality, if you are an Anker fan like myself you will not be disappointed with this product. The ChargeTube has a 3ft long nylon wrapped cable that will be very difficult to damage in most situations. At both USB and lighting connector ends of the cable is wrapped in a hard plastic material which prevents those common cable tears (*cough* Apple). Overall we have this high quality cable on the market for a fantastic price which makes this product a must buy over the official Apple lightening cable.

The second product we are looking at today is the “ChargeCube”. The ChargeCube as you may already have guessed by the name is a power bank, but one that packs a generous 5200mAh which will give your iPhone 6/5s a full charge… Twice, or your iPhone 6 plus a full charge and more. Apart from the unit having a small form factor and an elegant curve look that fits perfect in most pockets it outputs at 5V/1A which means your devices will be fully juiced in no time at all. On the unit we have 1x USB 5V/1A port and matching spec micro USB port to power the unit, alongside them there is a small torch to help you in any random situation you may find yourself in.

If I was Anker i’d keep a close eye on your ex-employee/competitor!



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