Homasy Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser


Nobody likes a smelly home, but keeping it refreshing can sometimes burn a hole in your pocket especially when you have multiple scented plug-ins which costs around £3-5 per refill, per unit. Well what if I said you can throw out all those money burning plug-ins and replace them with a cheap and nicer looking alternative? caught your attention? GOOD! I am indeed talking about the Homasy Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser. This product is cheap and it is stylish and will blend into almost any surrounding.

What is an aroma diffuser?

An aroma diffuser is a unit that requires very little scented oil along with a top up of water to dilute and the outcome is scented air/mist and it works as described. I added a few drops of the included lavender oil and I had to pour it out as it was too strong. You only require 2-3drops of oil per refill and it is enough to fill the entire room full of fresh fragrance . I myself am not the biggest fan of lavender so I experimented and added a few drops of concentrated air-spray and it worked perfectly.

Alongside the fresh fragrance is a soothing colour changing LED light which can be changed to suit your preference wether you prefer the LED light to change through multiple colours or stay a solid colour of your choice.

The unit comes with 10ml of pure lavender oil and a DC 12V plug which draws as little as 12watts of powers from the wall. The aroma diffuser is virtually silent and the mist that flows is an added bonus as it gives any surroundings a pleasant look.


If you are sick of burning a hole in your pocket with other fragrances this is definitely a must buy as a bottle of oil will outlast any plug-in 20x over with ease. The only downfall is the oils, you will need to shop about to find a fragrance that best suits yourself or you could opt to use your own fragrances and dilute with water (not recommended by Homasy but doesn’t present itself as a risk).


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