Mpow Bluetooth Selfie Stick Review Thoughts


I have used the stick for a couple of weeks now and I can safely say all my initials thoughts have changed completely.

My initial thoughts on the stick (before owning one myself) was awkward, strange and a little bit embarrassing to use in public.

After receiving my unit my views drastically changed ! For one it was not awkward at all, it folds away nicely and can even fit in some of the smaller pockets on bags / rucksacks. The unit feels nice in the hand and well constructed. The Bluetooth is user friendly and straight forward to pair up. Also the grip at the top of the device is strong enough that you will feel at ease leaving your brand new smart phone in it. As for in public I was really conscious at first because of people starring but to my surprise that was not an issue, in fact a few stopped and asked where to purchase such a unit.

Overall this devise has changed my opinion entirely about the selfie stick and I would highly recommend this to anyone who uses their smart phone camera frequently, not just for “selfies” but for panorama shots and also video recording. For the price, quality etc this is a fantastic value for money product.