Mpow Cheetah Bluetooth Earphones Review Thoughts


What are the benefits of Bluetooth earphones? Well first of all they are wireless (obviously) ! No more messing about with un-tangling your earphones nor trying to tuck it under your jumper to keep it out of site (admit it we all do it). But how do they compare when it comes to quality of sound as with every Bluetooth audio device you will witness a slightly degraded sound compared to wired earphones. With the Cheetah Bluetooth earphones you will receive a medium-high quality sound, if you use such earphones like apples included ones that comes with most iOS devices you will notice a slight IMPROVEMENT with Cheetah Bluetooth earphones over your apple standard ones.

Design? I personally like very discreet earphones but that is my personal preference. The ear pieces are comfortable and will easily fit the average ears and if not you also have the option to change them out for one more your size.

Easy ! The device easily pairs with any Bluetooth ready device (pretty much every phone that now exists). The battery holds a good charge so you’ll have no worry of it cutting out during a jam session on the way to work.

Overall this is a nice gadget to have and for the price? You’ll definitely have no regrets.