Mpow iType Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Mini Thoughts Review


Do you ever find yourself typing long passages at a time on your tablet? With the on screen keyboard covering half the screen you are trying to view and will stutter if you’re typing to fast? Well a simple solution comes into hand of the name of an iType from Mpow.

A simple bluetooth keyboard makes your life a whole lot easier. The iPad Mini 4 will fit snug in this case and actually look really nice I must admit, in the case your iPad will now look like a small netbook. The casing is made from a hard plastic material that will help with any bumps and falls.

Why is the iType a must for some? Well if you are like me and find yourself without your laptop and far from home, you are travelling or may just prefer to work on the small tablet. The keyboard has a solid construction with a sturdy sub-tractable hinge that will sit your iPad at a great angle for typing. If you are use to a full sized keyboard it will take a few minutes to adjust to this small keyboard but once you do it is a writing pleasure. The battery is great, I cannot state how long it lasts personally because it has yet to die on me but so far so good. Once your battery eventually dies you can charge it via micro usb (cable supplied).

Would I recommend this product? Yes, if you are a workaholic or just the casual user this product has its place with most individuals.


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