Mpow MLens V3 Review


Lenses for phones? Yes, this is the new craze. But what is all the big fuss? Well if you are a professional photographer or even are a tad familiar you will know that a cameras lens is just as important as the camera itself, sometimes more. A lens has the ability to change a dull boring shot into one bursting with life !

This accessory brings professional photography to a more consumer level. If you travel the world taking pictures of beautiful landscapes or you just simply stay at home and take pictures of your cats, the MLens has its place for everybody.

Why should you buy this? For one you can get some amazing shots with the wide angle lens and some perfectly clear photos millimeters away from the object with the macro lens (unscrews from wide angel lens).

Second is the price, for all it costs you are getting some really great pictures and this would be the perfect solution for those who are interested in photography but aren’t ready to drop hundreds of pounds on photography equipment.

Final it is a very convenient, you always carry your smart phone everywhere you go, so why not carry this and you will then have the ability to capture great photos at a moments notice. There is also something appealing about taking the photos with your phone, you then have the option to upload it to any platform instantly without the need for a computer and a card reader.

Overall I think the MLens is a fantastic, it’s portable, affordable and it can be used for a lifetime as the MLens is only as outdated as your phone is.


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