Mpow Streambot Z Bluetooth FM Transmitter Thoughts Review


Do you have an older car without bluetooth or even an auxiliary input? Or are you one of the unlucky ones to have there bluetooth break on them? Well pay attention because this product is an eye opener! Before you go out and buy one of them horrible tapes with the audio jack attached have a look at this.

What is it? Well to any non tech savvy users it is a usb car charger with some numbers and a few buttons. But it is far from that, what it does is it connects to your phone / audio device via bluetooth and then transmits that into a signal that can be picked up by your cars FM radio.

For example, you connect your iPhone via bluetooth to the Streambot Z, that will then show itself as an FM signal “107.9” for example. After that you tune your car radio to displayed signal (in this case “107.9”) and there you go!

This product is simple and a go to solution for many of us out there. It does not look out of place and having a usb connection to charge your devices saves you swapping it out for a usb charger when in need for some juice.

Would I recommend this product? Without a doubt, it is a perfect solution and for the price who can argue.


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