Targus EcoSpruce Laptop Backpack Review


Bags, one of the most important pieces of equipment you own. Why? Well a bag holds all of your valuables from laptops and cameras to passports and important documents !

When buying a bag you must look out for the important features such as…

Padding: you need sufficient padding to ensure your equipment doesn’t get damaged during your travels. This is something I’d like the Targus backpack to improve on, I carry my MacBook around frequently and I’m a bit conscious when placing my bag down as the padding on the floor of the bag doesn’t mimic the excellent padding throughout the rest of the backpack.

Comfort: if you are a frequent traveller you will know the importance of comfort as you don’t want to carry around something that is going to cause you back or shoulder ache. The Targus has excellent padding, supporting your shoulders with great padding on the straps which follows all the way to the back of the bag giving you the support you need when carrying heavy loads.

Waterproof: if you backpack isn’t waterproof then you better hope your gadgets are. The Targus backpack can easily handle the typical British weather but I wouldn’t be all that confident using the bag in a storm.

Security: there is always that risk when travelling that someone may break into your bag and steal your items! The Targus backpack is made from high quality material so if you throw a padlock on a thief is going to have a tough time getting to your valuables.

Overall I love this bag, I have used this on a daily basis for the last two years commuting to work, travelling overseas and other general use and you would think I bought it yesterday. It can take beating and still come out pristine on the other side. It is going to take a lot to make me switch from this backpack and for that reason I highly recommend this bag.

You can purchase the Targus Backpack here: Targus EcoSpruce Backpack for Laptops