Tesla autopilot predicts crash before it happened

Tesla autopilot saves passengers by predicting a crash before it occurred.


Our cars are getting smarter and smarter with each model that is released with many cars coming equiped with new features such as auto parking, lane assist, automatic breaking, 360 degree cameras, parking sensors and the list goes on. 20 years ago if you were to mention “self driving cars” you would have been laughed out the building and accused of watching to much sci-fi, but in fact many companies like Google and Mercedes are already building prototypes for self driving cars and for increasingly popular car manufacturer Tesla that pipe dream is already becoming reality with Tesla including the autopilot feature on its new models. Does it really work? well with anything as massive as this we all have our doubts but as your grandmother always says “the proof is in the pudding”. Have a look at the video and witness Tesla’s autopilot detecting an accident and activating the breaks before the incident even happens!