Tesoro Durandal Ultimate Keyboard Review (Updated)


It has been approximately two years since I posted my initial review on the Durandal Ultimate. Due to data loss I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to write an updated versions (2 years). ┬áMy initial thought on the Durandal Ultimate were very high and an added few years hasn’t changed that. The Durandal Ultimate has with stood an outstanding amount of abuse from constant typing day in, day out and the occasional gaming sessions and to look at the keyboard now you would think it was fairly new if not straight out of the box.

Looks: There is so many choices on the market nowadays that finding a unique design is fairly difficult but the sharp but simple design on the Durandal puts it in a pretty special category between stylish enough to go with your gaming rig and also elegant enough that you wouldn’t get strange looks in an office environment, only your colleagues complaining at the noise from the Cherry MX key switches.