Tesoro Durandal Ultimate Keyboard Review (Updated)



Quality: I said it in the first review and I stand by my word, the build quality on the Durandal is very impressive, especially from a company that was a stranger not only three years ago. As this is an updated review the issues I experienced developed over time and other users experiences may differ. One of the issues I came across was squeaking plastic when I moved the keyboard or even leaning to heavy while typing which was not present the first 6-12months of receiving the keyboard. This second and last issue┬áis more of a personal preference, I use the included wrist wrest attachment all the time and therefor would love to see a permanent wrist wrest implemented as an option as the included one feels cheap and doesn’t go with the overall high quality that the Durandal offers. However I have experienced worse with the Razer Lycosa in which the wrist wrest colour started to degrade over time.