VicTsing LED Light Strip Review


Lights are one of the most vital parts of todays life and we don’t fully realise how it effects our day to day lives until it is gone. Lights have many purposes, to guid paths, for security, to immerse yourself into a state of relaxation in the comfort of your own home? Yes with VicTsing’s new USB powered LED light strip you can immerse yourself in the comfort of your own living room. LED strips are used for countless reasons, I myself have some in my computer tower, around my house and behind my desk and now even behind my television. Whats’s the benefits of having an LED strip behind a television? Well I could blab on about how it does sink your eyes into the television but really the main reason most people will buy this product is for the looks and what a difference some lights can make, it made what once was a dull tv and accessories to a beautiful entertainment setup which compliments the entire room by making it feel cosy.


The VicTsing LED strip comes with a multifunction remote which will allow you to change the colour of the lights as you please and even the pattern of which they display. The strip is powered by USB which makes this product better than most LED strips as you have an endless list of opportunities when it comes to placement as it can plug into the USB slot on your TV (what i done) could plug into a USB wall outlet or even to your computer, the list is truly endless.


This product is highly recommended to those who just want to add a little extra to their entertainment systems, the multi-functions and portability due to it being powered by USB makes it a first choice in this category for myself, I would definitely buy again.


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