WD My Passport Wireless Review


Western Digital has been one of the leading brands in the storage industry for many years now and all those years of experience certainly shows in their state of the art reliable products at a consumer price, the proof is truly in the pudding. Today I have my hands on the WD My Passport Wireless to try out and already being a huge fan of the Passport line due to their fast transfer speeds, reliability and of course the portability makes me eager to find out what the big hype over the new My Passport Wireless.


Compatibility is one of the key selling point of this device, due to its wireless option that opens many doors for devices such as your Android or Apple based products to connect to the My Passport Wireless and back up, share and stream content. No more do you have to connect your phone to your computer to back up then transfer to your external devices now you can back up your data easily on your device itself. Compatibility ranges between phones, tablets, computers, macs, printers and even has an SD card slot built into the unit itself.


The setup for the My Passport Wireless is easy and fair similar throughout. For mobiles on Apple and Android platform can easily setup their device with the My Passport Wireless with the official WD “My Cloud” App which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Store for free.

For users connecting via PC or Mac the process is very similar, simply look for “My Passport” under your available networks (if your PC has a network card, or you are using a laptop). Once located connect and type the following into your web browser:

Then you can follow the steps displayed on your screen. Once completed all steps you will need to reconnect to the “My Passport” under the available network tab again. And ta-da you have successfully set up your My Passport Wireless to your PC/Mac.

Specifications:wdsfMP_Wireless (2)

This unit has many advantages over its non wireless version such as it’s ability to stream
content through multiple devices at the same time. For example I could be watching one film on my phone and someone else could be watching a different film from their iPad and another listening to music from their computer, the possibility are endless. For Apple and Android users the “My Cloud” app is a great app with easy to use layout and interface and not to forget the easy step by step setup process throughout the app. Wireless isn’t this devices limits it offers you a wired connection this will delivery fantastic speeds through USB 3.0 and also has a built in SD card reader that is fantastic when you quickly want to share or even back up photos from your digital camera. The battery life on the unit is also very good, depending on the load. At 100{b6c5a2dfec454c0042224b536025abfead4c4d5ff3c8cd20a26e8a8fdc90159d} load the battery will last you 6 hours and on stand by you and looking at approx 20 hours according to the stats. If six hours is just not enough for you then there is always the solution of purchasing an external battery which could give juice to your My Passport Wireless and also your phone.


Overall I have no choice but to present a Gold Award to this product as it has all the great features that the My Passport series has but expanded it significantly by making it wireless. Having the ability to stream HD movies to multiple tablets at a time? that is pure gold to me and has made travelling more of a time to relax rather than a long cramped burden to your day. The My Passport Wireless as time of writing this review is currently £132 for the 1TB version or you could spend a few more pennies and get yourself double the storage for £150 which is almost £100 of their standard retail value!

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