TrackR Bravo Review


Are you always losing your belongings? maybe your keys? or has your pets been watching to much Prison Break and constantly escaping? If you have answered yes to any of the above you have to continue reading.

I am the worst for misplacing my keys and even more so my iPhone, well I was terrible for misplacing these items as now I have the perfect solution and it comes in the form of the TrackR Bravo. The TrackR Bravo is a GPS tracking device that is managed by an app on your mobile. The app has some pretty cool features, you are able to locate your TrackR and anything that it is attached on a map, with even the ability to get directions from your current location. Along with said features it also includes a high pitch noise to make locating your items easier and a notification system that will alert you when the TrackR is in range.

What if I lose my phone? Well that’s another neat feature on this TrackR Bravo, it doesn’t only give u the ability to locate your items but also can locate your phone if you decide to drop it behind the sofa. You can activate this by simply holding the one and only button on your TrackR device which will soon be followed up by music playing from your phone (even when your phone is silenced).

The TrackR Bravo is no bigger than a £2 coin and has a hoop so you can connect the device to your keys, pets, bags and wallets and if that isn’t enough included in the box is a sticky pad to increase your options. Imagine never losing your wallet again, not having to worry about your bike getting stole or even having the fear that you will never see your pet ever again.

Overall the TrackR Bravo is a simple product, that simple it is brilliant. It is a low cost item which does what it says on the box. I cannot think of one person that wouldn’t benefit from this item. For myself personally I think I will be picking up more of these devices as new technology comes out you will want to keep close tags on them.


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